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SERVICES | Harthaven Pet Cremation

daschundOur Services

Harthaven Pet Cremation Services is the only family owned and operated pet cremation facility in Anchorage. All pet cremations are performed at our local facility, and we provide for the total care of your beloved pet. To guarantee your pet’s identity we do not outsource our services.

We offer a full range of pet memorial services and products.

This gives you the option to choose which is best for you and your pet.

Home Euthanasia

Home Euthanasia is a service many veterinary clinics offer. In the case your clinic does not offer this service, or you don’t currently have a vet, we are happy to recommend local compassionate veterinarians who offer the comfort, privacy and peace of your home to you, your family and pet during this difficult time. After receiving your call we will direct you to available veterinarians or veterinary hospitals which provide this service.

Home Pick Up Service

We offer an affordable home pick up service in the event your pet dies at home. Our stretcher equipped vehicle will come to your home and respectfully pick up your pet and transport to our facility in a prompt and timely manner.

Airport Pick Up Service

Since out founding in 1987, we have specialized in assisting rural Alaskans. With prior arrangement, Harthaven will promptly pick up your pet at the airport via any airline you choose—at no charge.


Harthaven offers four types of cremations:

  • Private Cremation – Where your pet is cremated individually and the separate cremated remains are returned to you.
  • Semi-Private Cremation – In this process, other pet’s bodies are cremated at the same time, however they are kept completely separate from one another with firebrick space partitions
  • Communal Cremation – Where your pet is cremated together with other pets, and the communal cremated remains are not returned to you.
  • Communal Cremation with small portion of ashes returned – Harthaven is pleased to offer, a small portion of the communal cremains in which their pet was cremated.

Whichever type of cremation you choose, all pets we receive are treated with utmost respect while in our care.

Pet Burial

At this time there is no authorized pet cemetery. City ordinance does not allow pet burials within the city limits of Anchorage. If you have your own personal property outside the city limits of Anchorage, Harthaven can offer information as well as offer a very nice selection of pet burial caskets.

Pet Urns

Harthaven Pet Cremation Services offers a very wide selection of pet urns for your personal tastes. We have several on hand as well as most can be quickly ordered to include any specific request you may have.


Stone Memorials, Memorial Plaques

A beautiful stone memorial that you can place in your pets favorite spot in the yard.


You are free to visit our Anchorage office prior to the loss of your pet, where our staff, who have pets of their own, know how you feel and will help you select the proper memorial.

A visit to our memorial showroom, prior to the death of a pet, can help you decide the best option for you and the pet you have loved so dearly.