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What is Cremation? | Harthaven Pet Cremation

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a specialized process by which the remains of the dead are reduced to very small bone fragments and a sandy ash.
The body is placed in a cremation chamber. Reduction takes place as a result of intense heat. The remains are retrieved and placed in a permanent or temporary container, depending on whether the remains are to be kept, scattered, or buried.

Is cremation the same for people and for pets?

Yes. The process is exactly the same.

Why do people choose cremation for their pets?

Cremation is less expensive than burial, yet it maintains the same standards for respect and dignity.
Winter conditions make cremation a practical alternative to burial.
It is easier to transport cremated remains.
Cremation makes it possible to scatter or bury the remains in one or more locations which were special places of happiness during life.
And it makes it possible to keep the cremated remains at home in an urn.

Why do people scatter or bury the “ashes”?

Because they want to return to nature what nature created.
Some people like the idea of mixing the “ashes” with Alaska wildflower seeds which can blossom a tribute to a pet’s memory year after year.
Some people want a special resting place for their pet, and choose burial.

Why do people keep the “ashes” of a pet in an urn?

They want to maintain the pet’s presence in the home as a constant reminder of love and good memories.
And if they move to another place, the remains of a beloved pet do not have to be left behind.

If I keep my pet’s “ashes” do I need an urn?

If you want to keep the cremated remains of your pet, you will want to have an urn of some sort which is functional, tasteful and discrete.
Harthaven offers a nice selection of glazed pottery, ceramic, metal and wooden urns.